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Apple Consulting® provides the following services:

  • Develop and implement corporate accounting and reporting standards in accordance with IFRSs;
  • Develop comprehensive financial management system;
  • Develop corporate financial management standards for a group of companies;
  • Formalise and improve business processes;
  • Prepare the company for ERP implementation;
  • Tender action to choose ERP;
  • Independent support for ERP implementation;
  • Establish or improve the budgeting system;
  • Establish or improve the management accounting system;
  • Assess the budgeting process;
  • Assess the management accounting system;
  • Develop the working capital management methods;
  • Develop and implement the treasury system;
  • Develop and implement the controlling system;
  • Form or reorganise the Financial Management Department.

Financial control and management in any business require special attention. Therefore, today you can hardly imagine a large company without a skillful financial director who handles a variety of issues and problems on a daily basis.

Yet, can the financial director or his department alone decide on creating a seamless financial function of a changing business? And what if this function needs to be developed and changed due to the business growth or new tasks? Creating an accounting system that complies with IFRS or establishing the corporate planning and reporting standards for a group of companies may become a challenge for you. The further growth of your business may also be hampered by low speed information processing or the opacity of business processes, which impacted on the need to find and implement a new IT system.

Our practicing consultants on financial management are ready to help you to solve your company’s tasks in a quick and effective way. During the project we become assistants to the financial director, and the business as a whole.

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