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Apple Consulting® offers unconventional marketing and sales services:

  • Market segmentation (b2b, b2c)
  • Identifying key market pain points (undesirable effects)
  • Logical analysis of selected market segments/customers using Thinking Process Tools of TOC
  • If necessary, development or confirmation of hypotheses through focus groups or representative marketing research
  • Developing the Value Offer for selected market segments
  • Sale the Value Offer
  • Linkage with the existing competencies of the Marketing department and new developments by Apple Consulting in terms of promotion, CRM and advertising of new Value Offers
  • Functions review for the Marketing department
  • Building the purchase funnel
  • Functions review for the Sales staff
  • Training of Sales and Marketing staff on new developments and methods (Value Offer development and market segmentation)
  • Developing a set of measures to increase company’s sales and margin, as well as improve its market position.
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