Looking back to 2000, have you ever thought back then of having an external consultant? If so, did you exactly know or for what problem or problems you would need him and what tools you would use?

It was at that time when Apple Consulting® broke in. All these years, being independent of foreign investments, international donor funds, “pocket” capital of corporates and parent business structures, our company has built its own way unassisted and has grown into a recognizable and reputable player in the management consulting market.

At the beginning of our journey, we mostly rendered financial management services to companies of various size and activity. We helped businesses to align their management accounting and reporting systems with the international standards, created budgeting processes in companies from scratch, developed new business processes under the As Should Be The Case principle and used all these developments in the detailed SOWs to automate them. Among other things, such a deep approach allowed us assisting our clients to hold independent tenders and choose ERP and IT contractor thereby not only significantly reducing the failure risks, but also saving their time and money.

Yet over the years of practicing financial management, we have arrived at the conclusion that our professional assistance is rarely directly converted into an additional financial result for a client company, or we couldn’t measure it. And it didn’t serve our turn. We would never want to be a per-hour paid consultant generating tonnes of reports that eventually gather dust on manager desks.

This pushed us to search for areas and consulting methods that would bring real value to our clients not just in fancy presentations but on their bank accounts and in P&L Statements.

Thus, over time, we had built up the strategic consulting practice, which helped our clients in developing the competitive strategy with further reorganization of the company management system to comply with the established strategic goals. Management system reorganization often required changes to the company’s organizational structure, job descriptions, or motivation system for some employees, improving business processes, and upgrading the financial function. However, we understood, this was not enough for businesses to achieve ambitious financial results.

As management consultants, we know how advanced management technologies globally practiced work, and understand, based on own experience, which of them may be successfully applied in businesses and which do not. In 2004, we read the writings of Dr Eliyahu Goldratt, the author of Theory of Constraints. The depth, common sense, and even obviousness of the TOC approaches impressed us. In 2005, the AC key team was trained at Goldratt Schools being the first line of TOC experts in the world. In the course of the training, it became crystal clear that TOC was no longer a concept, but very specific tools and solutions, each of which aimed at two things:

  1. To increase the number of company goals (for business to increase profits and returns on invested capital);

  2. To strengthen competitive positions (today’s improvements are the foundation for the continuous prosperity of the company in the future).

And so far, we don’t know any management techniques that are stronger and more pragmatic.

Since 2005, to complement our knowledge and experience, our team takes yearly trainings at international TOC schools and organizations, including TOCICOthe only TOC International Certification Organization in the world, Goldratt School, SFS.Co (Solutions For Sales), Exepron, etc. Our consultants have passed the international certification of TOCICO and Jonah Course.

Having evolved in thinking, understanding, learning and practicing specific tools and approaches to business efficiency improvement, as well as our own rich experience, today our company combines unique competencies. With such competencies we do not just ensure localized improvements of our clients’ individual functions, but also the systemic view of the company, which is one of the essential aspects of our activity. Moving on, we do not just form the systemic view of the company and work out recommendations for its long-term improvement, but also support the company on this challenging path of transformations, we share responsibility for our own recommendations, and link our own profit to the financial results achieved by our clients.

Figures speak louder than words about our achievements, therefore, since 2013, we have been calculating financial outcome our clients delivered during our collaboration, which is demonstrated through 2 important indicators: cumulative margin due to our solutions and funds released from inventory. You can find these data on the main page of our website with the latest figures our clients achieved presented as a Counter. Find more about why and how we did the calculation by clicking here.

Our competencies allow us to teach the author’s business course It’s Not Luck at the best business school in Ukraine  kmbs. We also initiated and organized the European ТОСICO Conference regularly held in Kyiv. Our company constantly provides value to the market in the form of analytical and practical articles, publications, business rings, and other communication forms with the business community, allowing many companies to independently improve their business.

Find more about our competencies and services in the section Services.

We are proud to mention that our clients are companies that constantly strengthen their leading positions and are ready to make systemic changes. Such companies include as follows: Sumatra Ltd. (COSMO drogerie store chain and COSMO Pharmacy chain); Textile-Contact Association; Bears Capital Management Group; Farmatsiia pharmacy chain, Novi Produkty LLC (Staryi Druzhe TM, Shake TM, Cramel TM); Zhytomyr Butter Plant Rud JSC (Rud TM, Empire TM); Arterium Corporation; Poverkhnist Scientific Production Association, Zaporozhogneupor JSC; Halychyna milk company; MOYO digital equipment chain; Agro-Soyuz Corporation; Elit Group; IDS Group; Dneprotechservice Scientific Production Corporation; Hormonal Drugs Pharmacy chain, and many others. Find more about the main points and results of the implemented projects in the section Our clients.


  • Work with freelancers (people who are not full-time employees of our company, but are willing to sporadically participate in consulting projects);

  • Replace consulting projects with training;

  • Give advice to our clients if we do not know how to implement it;

  • Declare things that we do not do or are not confident in.

We do not undertake a project if we know that it will be worthless for the client, even if the client is willing` to pay.

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