Аpple Consulting® is a leading consulting company that provides a full range of professional services to reinforce market positions and enhance business efficiency in developing and implementing the decisive competitive edge. Apple Consulting® believes that collaborative work with a client shall result only in larger throughput, ROI, ROA, and EBITDA, as well as market capitalization of the client.

Apple Consulting® bases its recommendations for customers on such facts:

  • Quick positive trends in results;
  • Sustainable long-term prosperity;
  • Stronger market positions due to the creation or development of the decisive competitive edge (DCE);
  • No reduction in costs or prices since it is always a short-term measure with a dubious result.

Apple Consulting® was founded in Ukraine in 2000. Apple Consulting® is the only consulting company in Europe focused on delivering specific financial results; it takes responsibility for its recommendations and adopts success fee-based approach for majority of its projects.

The principles, paradigm and solutions of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) have been chosen as the main methodology that brings tangible accomplishments for our clients. Over the years of working with TOC solutions (since 2005), however, AC has developed its own methods of consulting and sharing of knowledge with its clients, as well as ensuring successful transformations of companies. Thus, cooperation with Apple Consulting® opens doors for its clients to use AC’s huge change-triggering experience, unique business model improving techniques, as well as wonderful and friendly team.

Apple Consulting® is the first company in Ukraine and amongst post-Soviet countries to develop and implement the TOC solutions. AC keeps its position of being the only major consulting company in Europe that successfully implements the TOC solutions.

Apple Consulting® is your Management Consultant, your reliable Partner for improving your business model, strengthening market positions, transforming your business and ensuring long-term prosperity. If your goal is not just making more money, but also having a successful company for a long haul, then you are in.

Since 2007, Apple Consulting® has been a permanent member of the European Business Association (ЕВА).

Since 2006, Apple Consulting® has been a permanent member of Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization TОСICO.

Since 2016, Apple Consulting® has been a pre-qualified consultant of EBRD.

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