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Apple Consulting® provides the following services for distribution companies:

  • Develop and implement comprehensive measures to improve distribution company’s efficiency;
  • Develop and implement the effective commodity flow management policies (from procurement to sales in various sales channels);
  • Develop and implement the comprehensive effective measures to reduce stocks;
  • Develop and implement the comprehensive effective measures to eliminate write-offs, losses, or returns;
  • Develop the Value Offer and introduce it to various sales channels (analysis of different types of clients, understanding of key “pain points”, development of the Value Offer, transfer of the Value Offer sales technology, joint negotiations, development and implementation of the pilot change configuration with distributor’s clients);
  • Create the “Gold Supplier” strategy;
  • Conduct individual projects to increase the efficiency of DCs and central warehouses (CW) (increase in the assembly timeline and speed, expanding of the storage area, increase in the efficiency of processes at existing capacity in warehouses);
  • Improve distributor reliability to ensure their clients’ orders are fulfilled;
  • Implement the TOC solutions for the distributor.

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