Apple Consulting® (AC) helps companies to significantly increase their efficiency by changing business logic and business thinking. The phrase “We will have what we have until we do what we do” captures the awareness that the unsatisfactory results of organizations may never be eliminated in the same system of axes and paradigm which have entailed them. It is important for companies to rethink and change in a certain way their market behaviour, as well as in-house rules, policies, and procedures.

Apple Consulting® mission is to help organizations to change meaningfully in order to achieve challenging and sustainable long-term results.

Apple Consulting® sees the achievement of the higher-order Mission to help to improve the national economy by helping organizations to be more and more effective, levelling them up to new limits of understanding and business activity.

AC knows that if more and more companies will:

  • Follow the win-win logic;

  • Build meaningful and effective business models;

  • Improve the system as a whole, not just buzz about optimising it;

  • Be confident in their employees and know that it is not the people that are bad, but the system underlying rules of play often spoil them; and it’s the rules that need to be changed, and not the people,

both our country and its people will have much better lives.

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