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We will have what we have until we do what we do. If your company is not happy with the current results, the first thing to do is to rethink your business logic. Apple Consulting® will help you with this:

  • Audit of the company’s current business logic
  • Audit of the industry’s current business logic
  • Identifying company’s false assumptions
  • Identifying company’s erroneous rules, policies, and procedures
  • Identifying rules in the sector that aggravate the company’s undesirable effects
  • Developing new policies, rules, and procedures for the company
  • Transfer of the methodology of the TOC thinking process tools to the company’s top team
  • Forming the base of dangerous assumption

    Most companies love “surfing.” In this project, however, we offer you “diving”  into your own assumptions and business logic. This is a challenging and incredibly fascinating intellectual process, which will result in a new set of business logic rules for your company to win and strengthen market positions.

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